Sound IT Governance needs appropriate support from the grass roots of the organisation

It is unarguable that information technology exploitation has reached a level of maturity where people’s traditional roles and cultural imperatives are changing in a dramatic fashion. Only twenty years ago the hospital consultant was ‘god’ in his domain, and you accepted his judgment without question. Today, you immediately research the internet, and the consultant has to be prepared to respond to one’s informed questioning, and perhaps follow options in a way that would have been unthinkable in the past. This universality of knowledge has a profound effect on the relationship between the consultant and his patient, which also permeates throughout the environment in which he or she operates. Such attitudinal and behavioral change has a gradual but quite dramatic effect on the deep rooted culture of the whole organisation.

In the same way in business and in Government, the immediacy of decision making is changing the roles of business directors and Government leaders, although many still seem to be unaware that this is happening around them. They see the need for everyone else to change but are reluctant to recognize and face up to the need to disrupt their own comfort zone.

However, it is also true that one cannot bring about much needed changes at the top without ensuring that there are suitable processes, and changes in culture and management style,, that will provide adequate support  for those Business and Government leaders to fulfill their new IT Governance responsibilities, which are increasingly an essential part of building the future in our emerging digital business and Public Service world..

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