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the Diligent Director in a Digital Business World

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Copyright 2014 Geoff Codd  –  ISBN: 9781311863072

Book - 423 - BOOK COVER - REVISED EDITION 24th October. 2014 (Leelawadee & )

This e-book derives from The Drowning Director published in the UK in hardback

in 2007 by PenPress Publishers Ltd. ISBN 13: 978-1-906206-38-3.


An overview of the book subject matter, the main arguments for major change, and an introduction to the subject of information technology for the business layman. This is followed by a review of some interesting trends, and discussion of the principle problems that have been encountered over the years and up to the present day.

  • Subject Overview
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: A little bit of IT history
  • Chapter 2: Trends in IT management and organisation
  • Chapter 3: The extent of failure
  • Chapter 4: Where to from here
  • Chapter 5: The business Director’s challenge


A discussion of the main issues that need to be addressed, some options that are open to us in relation to the principle changes that need to be brought about, and the main challenges to be surmounted. This is followed by a definition of a more effective way forward, through an IT management framework and its supporting processes that are more closely and dynamically integrated with business management.

  • Chapter 6: Bringing about a change in direction
  • Chapter 7: Impediments to be surmounted
  • Chapter 8: The changing IT organisation
  • Chapter 9: The changing role of the change professionals
  • Chapter 10: Attaining a new unity of purpose
  • Chapter 11: Adopting the Unity model


This part provides operational guidance and terms of reference for setting up and running each component part of the proposed new management framework.

  • Chapter 12: Corporate Co-ordination and IT service delivery
  • Chapter 13: Setting up the Process Change Management Board
  • Chapter 14: Setting up the Business Futures Group
  • Chapter 15: The Process Integrity Groups
  • Chapter 16: The Community of Interest or Practice
  • Chapter 17: A Relationship Management role


This part offers advice and guidance in relation to information technology management processes and practices, and other useful initiatives, which are particularly aimed at improving performance through more effective collaboration in the business/IT professional relationship.

  • Chapter 18: Business Process linked IT Service Level Agreements
  • Chapter 19: Cultural unity between business and IT
  • Chapter 20: The annual IT and Process Change Conference
  • Chapter 21: Business Continuity Plans and IT
  • Chapter 22: The Unity principles


  • Appendix A: Some interesting experiences and case studies
  • About Geoff Codd